Stress-Less Creativity Club!

Expressive therapies group for Grades K-5 focused on mental health and wellness.

An outlet for kids feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed.



Next Groups Begin Week of April 26!  

The Stress-Less Creativity Club is for children who may be showing symptoms of anxiety or stress (no diagnosis necessary) or whose caregivers have just noticed a change in their child’s overall mental health.  The group will combine music and arts-based interventions with Casey O'Brien's Skills for Big Feelings curriculum.  Each week, our team of board-certified music therapists will lead students through arts-based and play activities designed to teach strategies to help express themselves in safe and productive ways as well as calm their mind and bodies when they feel overwhelmed.  Activities are presented in a fun way that encourages students to engage and participate, while also socializing with other kids.  Families will be provided additional resources and information on what was learned in the group each week.  A brief phone intake will be conducted for each enrolled student to insure the group is a good fit for the child and to answer any questions caregivers may have.  Contact [email protected] with questions.


What kids will be excited for:

  • drumming
  • music making
  • movement
  • painting/drawing

What they will be learning:

  • strategies for dealing with feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or other symptoms of stress
  • ways to calm their body and mind
  • how to use music, art, and movement to express themselves


Grades K-2: 

Grades 3-5: 


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A note on stress and anxiety in children....

We are all experiencing anxiety and stress at this time and so are our kids! The pandemic has created many disruptions to our daily lives and routines that have taken a toll on our mental health, including rising stress levels and increased anxiety. Children are not immune to these responses and you may have noticed a shift in your child’s behaviors or demeanor during the past year. This may look like ...

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Restlessness (difficulty sitting still for extended periods of time, bouncing legs, needing to move)
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Unexplained headaches/body aches
  • Feeling Worried/fearful
  • Irritable (more grumpy or crying more than usual)
  • Difficulty expressing themselves and their emotions
  • Has a hard time calming down when upset
  • Become extremely shy in front of other people
  • Get nervous leaving a parent/caregiver
  • Has a hard time with changes to routines
  • Gets overwhelmed or overstimulated easily