Music Therapy, Wellness, and Enrichment Programs for All Ages

Making and listening to music can help relieve stress, symptoms of anxiety, help us to self-regulate and feel more connected to others during times of isolation.  Our therapeutic music and enrichment programs focus on overall wellness and social emotional learning (especially for children and teens).  Using music and expressive arts activities that prompt meaningful conversations, foster personal growth, and create lasting connections between students and group members.

Learn more about our many program offerings below (in-person and virtual offerings).   We provide services across the lifespan, including programs for parents, infants/children/teens, young and older adults, as well as special programming for individuals of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  For those interested in partnering with us to bring similar programs to your school, residence, day hab, healthcare facility or any other community program, please reach out directly to Nicole at [email protected] so that we can create the most appropriate service plan for your site.

Infant Music and Mom Support

In Partnership with the South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center

Ages: Moms and infants 0-9 months from start of group

Dates: July 19-Aug 30 (no group 8/9/21)

Time: Mondays 9:00-10:00am

COST: $150


In this unique group, mothers and infants (9 months and under from the start date of the group) will participate in engaging music activities that promote healthy infant development and bonding between mother and child.  Unlike a typical infant music class, time will be naturally woven into the group to focus on mom, allowing mothers to make connections with other moms, discuss the challenges unique to the postpartum period, and support each other during this time.  Open to all mothers, not just first time moms.  However, please make arrangements for any older children, so that focus is on mom and infant.

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A.B.C. Play!

Enrolling in Summer and School Year 2021-2022

Ages: 2.9-5

Time: Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30am


Session 1: July 7, 14, 21, 28/Session 2: August 4, 11, 18, 25

SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

Begins: September 8, 2021


A.B.C. Play! is a 2-hour weekly drop-off program that allows your 2.9-5 year old* to explore their creativity, make friends, and sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning and the arts.  Children are meant to learn through hands-on play and are naturally drawn to music, art, and movement.  Our curriculum, developed by our team of board-certified music therapists, is centered around the use of music, art, movement and a whole lot of FUN to support social/emotional learning and healthy child development.   Learn More HERE!

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Stress-Less Creativity Club


Ages: Grades K-5 (split up by grade levels)

Dates: Fall Dates TBD

Grades 3-5: Day/Time TBD
Grades K-2: Day/Time TBD


The Stress-Less Creativity Club is for children who may be showing symptoms of anxiety or stress (no diagnosis necessary) or whose caregivers have just noticed a change in their child’s overall mental health.  The group will combine music and arts-based interventions with Casey O'Brien's Skills for Big Feelings curriculum.  Each week, our team of board-certified music therapists will lead students through art, drumming, songwriting, and play activities designed to teach strategies to help express themselves in safe and productive ways as well as calm their mind and bodies when they feel overwhelmed.  Activities are presented in a fun way that encourages students to engage and participate, while also socializing with other kids.  Families will be provided additional resources and information on what was learned in the group each week.  Learn more HERE!

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Teen Music and Wellness Groups


Ages: Grades 9-12

Dates: Fall Dates TBD

Schedule: Day/Time TBD


Join us for a place to connect with peers and engage in music and creative arts projects that focus on self-expression and finding healthy ways to process your thoughts and feelings. 

Lead by a board-certified music therapist. We'll guide teens through:

  • Song sharing
  • Songwriting
  • Lyric exploration
  • Music and Relaxation
  • Music and Visual Art

*No previous experience needed. We'll break the process down and create a space where everyone can successfully participate and contribute to the group.

Questions? [email protected]

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It's Not Easy Being Mom (but you're not alone)

In partnership with the South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center

*CHOOSE to join our IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL Group

In-Person Groups Meet 6 Times:  New group beginning soon!  (contact [email protected] to be informed of next group)

Virtual Groups Meet 6 Times on Zoom: New group beginning soon! (contact [email protected] to be informed of next group)

COST: $192 (can be split into 2 or 3 monthly payments)

DESCRIPTION: Join our small groups for moms with kids of any age for a space to acknowledge the challenges of parenting and taking care of ourselves, especially during this time.  We'll talk, listen, & share strategies for dealing with stress. Connect with others and benefit from having a consistent time carved out to focus on you. Group will include meaningful discussion and creative arts wellness experiences All creative arts wellness experiences require no special skills or talents and are presented in a way that allows everyone to comfortably participate (includes guided imagery and relaxation, group listening activities that prompt discussion around certain themes, journaling, etc.) For more information contact [email protected]