Schools & Early Childhood Centers

Students need holistic and multi-sensory approaches to learning. Music therapy provides the tools to build supportive school environments with students who are ready to learn.

From IEP supports, to SEL for all students, to professional development for staff, our school-based programs are:


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There is no special talent or previous experience needed to benefit from any of our programs! We will adapt activities, so all students can successfully participate. We value ALL forms of communication and provide opportunities for everyone to express themselves.  We create an environment where students at all grade levels feel comfortable listening to, discussing, and making music within a group or individual setting. 


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Engaging in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors has countless benefits for our social/emotional health and strengthens all areas of development.  We engage students in evidence-based music and creative arts experiences that prepare them to be stronger learners, build confidence, and strengthen social emotional skills.


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Our programs are not only fun and engaging, they are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs and identified goals of the students in front of us.  Our music therapists guide students through music and arts experiences that build community, strengthen developmental skills (including working on IEP goals), and improve social emotional wellness. 

Please note: We have music therapy services specifically for students receiving special services (music therapy does not need to be on their IEP to benefit), as well as creative arts wellness programs to support SEL and the mental health of the entire student body.

Service Options Include:

Ongoing Services

For groups or individuals. Our most effective option for working on targeted goals (including IEP goals).

Short-Term Series

Groups offered in 6 or 8-week packages. Support global skill development and mental health.


One-time workshops offer opportunities for community-building and stimulating your creativity.

Professional Development & Staff Wellness

Learn creative arts strategies to improve SEL and skill development in the classroom through our PD presentations. Give your staff resources and tools to improve their own wellness and address symptoms of burnout in our staff wellness programs.

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"Not only were her music sessions engaging, developmentally appropriate, and interactive, she also took the time to understand the individual and unique needs of the students in my classroom... [The music therapist] ensured everyone was included equally and was able to present activities that engaged all of my students, despite their various strengths and challenges"


-Local Teacher

A Collaborative Approach

Although we are not at your school every day, we consider ourselves a part of your team of educators, therapists, and related staff. We value communication between students, family members, teachers, and administrators to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all students we work with.  We document all sessions, so progress can be tracked and any necessary adjustments to the service delivery plan can be made.

You may only have one of our music therapists at your school, but you can be assured you have an entire team of music therapists behind the services being provided. Our team meets regularly to share research, resources, songs, and activities to make sure we are all providing the most engaging, accessible, and effective music therapy and creative arts wellness programs.

Become a Community Partner

1. Contact Us

We'll get to know your school's and students' needs through a quick email or phone call.

2. Choose a Plan

We'll provide you with service options that will best support your students and staff.

3. See Your Students Thrive

We'll implement a music therapy and creative arts wellness program that makes students and staff feel more connected to their school community. Your students will gain confidence, have strategies to cope with big feelings, and be motivated to learn.