Educators, Therapists, and Other Human Service Professionals

You are passionate about what you do, but working in any helping profession can be overwhelming at times, leading to burnout and stress. You and those you serve need holistic strategies that support social emotional health and improve student/client outcomes.

Our wellness workshops provide you with resources and tools to improve your own wellbeing and navigate symptoms of burnout and stress as a helping professional.
Our professional development workshops give you tools to help those you teach or support to better express themselves, feel a part of a community, and regulate their bodies, so they are ready to learn and meet their goals.

Services include...


Our Music and Wellness workshops provide you with music and creative arts wellness strategies to avoid burnout as a helping professional.  


Our professional development workshops provide you with evidence-based creative arts strategies that will strengthen your teaching or practice.

Community Partnerships

Are you looking to bring quality, evidence-based music therapy and wellness opportunities to the children and adults you support? 

All SEC music therapy and creative arts wellness programs are:


Using music for your own health and wellness does not require previous experience or special talents.  We’ll create an environment where you can feel comfortable listening to, discussing, and making music within a group or individual setting.  Our presentations include a comfortable mix of lecture, active discussion, and creative arts experiences.


We are not here to perform for you. We are here to engage you in the creative process, so you can improve your own wellbeing.  Engaging in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors has countless benefits including improving mental health and coping with stress and anxiety. 


All presentations, trainings, and music therapy services are thoughtfully planned to meet the goals and needs of the people in front of us.  We will discuss what skills and information you want you and your staff to walk away from each presentation/training with, so that we can structure our time together to meet your needs.

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Not sure which of our services you are looking for?

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