Music Therapy & Creative Arts Wellness

for Older Adults

We need continued opportunities for personal growth, self-expression, and making meaningful connections as we age. 

Our music therapy and wellness programs provide engaging and creative experiences that help older adults manage stress/anxiety, strengthen cognitive health, make meaningful connections with others, and live vibrant lives.

Services include...

Private Music Therapy

Are you looking for individualized support for yourself or a loved one?  

Music therapy can help older adults dealing with stress, anxiety, memory loss, or provide end-of-life support for hospice/palliative care patients.  

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Community Partnerships

Do you want to provide your residents and program participants with opportunities to make meaningful connections and strengthen cognitive health through evidence-based music therapy programs?


Do you support older adults in your work?  

Our Music and Wellness workshops provide you with music and creative arts wellness strategies to avoid burnout as a helping professional.

All SEC music therapy and creative arts wellness programs are:


Using music for your own health and wellness does not require previous experience or special talents.  We’ll create an environment where you can feel comfortable listening to, discussing, and making music within a group or individual setting.  


We are not here to perform for you. We are here to engage you in the creative process, so you can improve your own wellbeing.  Engaging in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors has countless benefits for the aging body and brain, including improving cognitive health and coping with stress and anxiety.


Our team of music therapists will guide participants through music and arts experiences that build community, strengthen skills, and improve wellbeing. Most often, we help older adults improve/maintain cognitive health, strengthen motor skills, and improve social/emotional wellness.

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Not sure which of our services you are looking for?

We can help! Contact us for a free consultation. We will help you determine which of our services meets your needs.