Individual & Group Music Therapy


Learn more below about our our center-based clinical music therapy services (in-person and virtual)

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Individual/Dyad/Small Group
Music Therapy


Ages: early childhood through adults

For Those With: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, anxiety, learning disabilities, dementia, and anyone else looking for social/emotional/developmental support

Supports Provided: Music therapy is the clinical use of music by a board-certified music therapist to address non-musical goals across all areas of development.  Music therapy goals will be determined following the intake process.  Common goals revolve around:

  • speech/communication
  • social/emotional support
  • gross/fine motor
  • academic support

Music interventions may include: singing, playing instruments, music and movement, guided listening, songwriting, and improvisation.  NO PREVIOUS MUSIC EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

Individual vs. Group: Our individual and small group sessions allow for the music therapist to work on more targeted goals and provide more individualized support.  Families can choose from individual, dyad (2 people), or small group (3 people).  Dyads and small groups are formed based on need and will be scheduled based on availability of all parties involved.

Private Music Therapy Policies & Rates

Music Therapy and Creative Arts Wellness Program for Adults with Disabilities

2-hour weekly group held in our center

Fall Session (Mondays)

Time: Mondays, 9:30-11:30am
Dates: 9/13/21-11/29/21 (12 weeks)
Cost: $260 per month (billed Sep/Oct/Nov)

Fall Session (Thursdays)

Time: Thursdays, 1:00-3:00pm
Dates: 9/16/21-12/2/21 (11 weeks)
Cost: $238 per month (billed Sep/Oct/Nov)

Description: Join us for 2-hours each week of engaging music and creative arts activities that allow participants to socialize and connect with peers in their community.  Group members will have the opportunity to participate in drumming/instrument-playing, songwriting, singing, movement, art, and games that focus on social/emotional health.  All activities will be adapted to allow everyone to successfully participate and have a voice within the group (regardless of skill level and communication method). Limited space available!

Groups are facilitated by two board-certified music therapists at Sing Explore Create, LLC located at 28 Webster St. in Rockland, MA.  Weekly sessions will be documented and a written progress summary will be provided at the end of the fall session for each individual who participates.  All materials are included in the monthly tuition.

Teen Music Therapy and Social Group

Ages: High School and Young Adults with disabilities

Schedule: Mondays, 4:45-5:45pm

Cost: $104 per month (billed at registration/Oct/Nov)

DESCRIPTION: For teens/young adults with disabilities looking to connect with peers, develop social/communication skills, and have a fun space to express themselves in a creative way.  Lead by a board-certified music therapist. We'll guide the group through drumming, song sharing, songwriting, music games, and more! No experience necessary!

Music Therapy and Social Group (Grades K-2)

Ages: Grades K-2

Schedule: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:45pm

Cost: $100 per month (billed Oct/Nov)

DESCRIPTION:  For neurodiverse students and those with disabilities.  Lead by a board-certified music therapist.  Students will connect with peers, develop social/communication skills, and have a fun space to express themselves in a creative way.   Developmentally appropriate activities will focus on increasing ability to attend, taking turns, communication skills, self expression, and self regulation.    We'll guide the group through drumming, singing, songwriting, playing instruments, movement and music games! No experience necessary!

Therapeutic Music Groups for Preschool-5th Grade
for Students with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities & Autism

Ages: Entering preschool-5th Grade (separated by age group)

Description:  Our therapeutic music groups give students the opportunity to socialize and connect with peers through fun and engaging music activities.  Students will move, sing, dance, play games, and participate in group drumming activities.  Developmentally appropriate activities for each group will focus on strengthening social/emotional development, self regulation skills, and communication skills.  

Schedule: Groups formed based on interest/need throughout the year.  Contact us to get on the waitlist!

teen group
Music Therapy Social Groups for 6th-12th Grade
for students with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities & Autism


  • Girls Social Group (6th-8th grade)
  • Boys Social Group (6th-8th grade)
  • High School Music Jam Group (9th-12 grade co-ed)

Description: Facilitated by a board-certified music therapist, the focus will be on FUN and MAKING FRIENDS, while building up social skills, communication skills, and self regulation strategies. The music therapist will create a supportive and FUN environment where students can be themselves while sharing favorite music, singing, talking, and even take part in some guided song-writing or creative arts projects.   Middle school group will be separated into a girl's and boy's group.  No previous music experience necessary!   

Schedule: Groups formed based on interest/need throughout the year.  Contact us to get on the waitlist!