Presentations/Trainings for Helping Professionals

Use music and the arts to avoid professional burnout.  Learn music and arts-based strategies to incorporate into your practice and best support the children and adults you work with.

Presentations and Trainings

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Music and Wellness for Helping Professionals

We know you are passionate about what you do, but working in any helping profession can be overwhelming at times, leading to burnout and stress. 

Our staff wellness programs equip participants with the knowledge, resources, and tools to improve their own personal wellness and address symptoms of burnout and stress.  We will share some basic information about how music and rhythm affect our body and brain.  Using this knowledge, we will lead the group through some music and arts experiences that promote relaxation, regulating emotions, and can be incorporated into daily routines.  

Our Time Together May Include:

  • music and relaxation experiences
  • active music listening
  • Drumming
  • Journaling
  • Painting, drawing, and other visual arts
  • Songwriting
  • Supportive discussions

Music and Wellness for Helping Professionals can be provided as a 1-time workshop or more in-depth experience over a 4-6 week series.

Professional Development

Strengthen your practice with music and arts-based strategies you can use to support the children and adults you work with.

Our professional development workshops provide you with evidence-based creative arts strategies that will strengthen your practice.  Gain new tools and learn strategies to help the clients you support express themselves, feel a part of a community, manage stress, and meet their goals.

Presentations include a combination of active music making/creative arts experiences, lecture, and group discussion.  Participants will leave the workshop with strategies and resources they can immediately implement into their work.  

Consultations and follow-up meetings can be provided to address the individual needs of providers and their work.

Professional Development Topics Include:

  • Community Building Arts-Based Strategies for Day Habs and CBDS
  • Music and Memory: Information and strategies for supporting older adults
  • Incorporating Music and the Arts into Skill Development for Special Education
  • Supporting Social Emotional Learning with Music and the Arts

Professional Development topics can be catered to your organization's needs.  Reach out to discuss further.

No Previous experience or special talent required!

We know that making music and accessing one’s creativity can be intimidating for some.  Luckily, there is no previous experience or special talent needed to participate and benefit from any of our services! All activities and resources shared in these programs are thoughtfully chosen and presented in a way that allows everyone to successfully and comfortably participate (you will NOT be asked to get up and sing in front of the group!).  While we ask you to be open to all the creative arts experiences we present, you will never be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Depending on the group, activities range from active music making to listening, discussing, writing, painting, etc.

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