Healthcare Organizations

Everyone should have access to effective and holistic care as part of their medical treatment and preventative healthcare. We bring clinical music therapy and community wellness programs to your patients and staff through inpatient, outpatient, and community-based care.

Music therapy in the medical setting can help reduce stress/anxiety, process life changes due to a diagnosis, normalize the hospital/medical setting, and help pediatric patients continue to meet developmental milestones

Inpatient, Outpatient, and Community-Based services may be provided.

All programs are:



There is no special talent or previous experience needed to benefit from any of our programs. We adapt experiences to meet the presenting needs of those we are working with. We’ll create an environment where people can feel comfortable listening to, discussing, and making music within a group or individual setting.



We are not here to perform for patients. We are here to engage them in evidence-based music experiences that will contribute to improved health outcomes, strengthen all areas of development, and lower stress/anxiety related to the medical setting.  Engaging in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors has countless benefits for the body and mind.



Our programs and services are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs and identified goals of the group or individual in front of us.  We'll guide participants through music and arts experiences that build community, support developmental skills, and improve mental health and wellbeing.  Most often, we help patients in the medical setting reduce stress, manage pain, learn strategies for improved mental health, maintain/improve motor, speech, and cognitive skills.

Service Options Include:

Ongoing Services

Our most effective option for working on targeted goals in the outpatient or inpatient setting.

Short-Term Series

Groups offered in 6 or 8-week packages. Provided inpatient, outpatient, or as community outreach.


One-time workshops offer opportunities for community-building and educating patients and about music and wellness.

Professional Development & Staff Wellness

Equip your staff with the knowledge, resources, and tools to improve their own wellness and address symptoms of burnout/stress. 


A Collaborative Approach

Everyone benefits when we collaborate and work together. We value communication between patients, staff, caregivers, and community members to make sure that we are meeting the needs of the communities we serve. Do you have a program idea not mentioned above? Reach out so we can discuss!

You may only work with one of our music therapists, but you can be assured you have an entire team of music therapists behind the services being offered. We meet regularly to share research, resources, songs, and activities to make sure we are all providing the most engaging, accessible, and effective music therapy and creative arts wellness programs.

Become a Community Partner

1. Contact Us

We'll get to know your patient, community, or organization's needs through a quick email or phone call.

2. Choose a Plan

We'll provide you with service options that will best support your patients and community's needs.

3. See Your Patients Thrive

We'll implement a music therapy and creative arts wellness program that makes patients feel supported and connected to a community.  We'll give them and your staff effective strategies and tools to cope with daily stressors and improve their mental health and wellbeing.