Music Therapy & Creative Arts Wellness

for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Everyone should have supportive spaces to express themselves, learn new skills, and make meaningful connections with peers.

Our therapy and wellness programs help individuals with diverse needs strengthen many developmental areas and improve their social emotional wellness. We use a strengths-based approach that values all forms of communication and helps build confidence and self esteem.

Services include...

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Groups at our Center

Are you looking for a creative outlet and opportunities to make new friends?

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Private Music Therapy

Are you looking for individualized support to meet developmental and socio-emotional goals?

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Community Partnerships

Do you want to provide creative, skills-based & community building opportunities for your students or community program participants?


Do you teach or support people with disabiliites? Our professional development workshops provide you with evidence-based creative arts strategies that will strengthen your teaching or practice. Our Music and Wellness workshops provide you with music and creative arts wellness strategies to avoid burnout as a helping professional.

All SEC music therapy and creative arts wellness programs are:


We adapt all activities, so everyone can successfully participate. We value all forms of communication and provide opportunities for everyone to express themselves.  Best of all, there is no special talent or previous experience needed to benefit from our programs!


We are not here to perform for you, we are here to engage YOU in the creative process, so you can improve your own wellbeing and connect with others. Participating in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors strengthens many developmental skills and improves mental health and wellbeing (especially when working with a board-certified music therapist).


Our programs are not only fun and engaging, they are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs and identified goals of the participants in front of us.Most often, we help clients improve speech/communication, motor, social, and emotional regulation skills.

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Not sure which of our services you are looking for?

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