Creative Learning Cohorts!

(Half-Day and Full-Day enrichment & home/remote learning groups for Grades K-5)

We understand the way families engage in school, social, and extracurricular activities has changed during this time.  We also know many working parents are in need of assistance as their child's school schedule includes partial or full remote learning.  We are providing half and full day creative learning cohorts to help support families and students for the 2020-2021 school year.  Perfect for remote learners in a full remote or hybrid program.  We aim to promote appropriate social and emotional development, provide arts education, and act as an educational assistant to our families.

Homeschool families/learning pods are encouraged to reach out to us for information on separate enrichment programming we can provide for your pod or homeschool program.


Arts Enrichment, Remote Learning Support, Socializing, and lots of FUN!

Our team of music educators, music therapists, and educational tutors are excited for a great year of learning, making music, art, and having lots of fun!  We know this is going to be a unique school year and our unique arts enrichment programming will be a wonderful addition to your child's education.  We have made some changes to our center to allow for more large group space, with lots of room to move in and explore this year!


Our program allows for flexibility so students can move in/out of our arts/enrichment classes during the day while also completing all academic assignments and class calls. With students coming from different districts, we know each student’s academic requirements will differ.  We have planned for this in our program and will work with each family to figure out the best balance of academic study time/arts enrichment and social time on the days your student is with us. 

  • Separate work/study spaces will be available where our tutors will make sure students are online for class zoom calls and completing academic assignments as needed.
  • We have systems in place for parents to easily communicate with our team about remote learning assignments that should be worked on or scheduled online classes/meetings that their student needs to attend.   We will make this process as easy as possible (we understand it is a lot to keep track of and don’t want to add more to your plate!).
  • Please note, our tutors will not be providing academic lessons/content, but will be supporting students with the work assigned to them by their teacher.  Students will need to bring their chromebook and/or other learning materials needed to complete academic assignments.  We may have 1 or 2 laptops available at the center, but can not guarantee access for all students to these devices.  Please contact us with questions/concerns.


Arts enrichment programs include a combination of music, visual art, movement, drama/storytelling from our team of incredible music therapists and music educators.  During the first 2 weeks of each session, students will work with the teacher to decide which enrichment activities they would like to participate in.  Students will all have the opportunity to engage in music, movement, and art programs throughout each 12-week session.  Groups will be split up by age.

Sample enrichment activities include:

  • Storytelling Through the Arts: Kids will make story books come alive through art, music, and movement, along with chances to create their own unique stories.
  • Songwriting Skills: Learn many different ways to write a song (from changing lyrics to a familiar tune to writing your own chords/melody).  Songwriting is a great tool for self-expression and exercising your creativity.
  • Movement and Wellness: We can move and engage our bodies as well as increase important regulatory skills that kids need to help them feel grounded and centered throughout their day.
  • Music Exploration: Like a general music class, except this class will be guided by music children choose to explore (world instruments and world music, classical music, Broadway, ect.)
  • Music and Art Making: Make music-inspired creations as we create visual art inspired by the music we hear.
  • Ukulele Class: A great way for kids to learn an instrument that they can continue to play at home and together in the group (students who choose this will need to rent or purchase an instrument from SEC or provide their own).  Due to the additional fee, parents will be asked if they are interested in this option prior to the start of the session.  We need a minimum of 3 students for each ukulele class in order to provide this option to your creative learning cohort.
  • Private Music Lessons: If our staff schedule allows, we will offer private music lessons for students while they are at our center for an additional fee (info will be shared with enrolled families at a later date).

Each student will receive a CREATIVITY KIT (included in enrollment costs) with their own small percussion instruments and art supplies.  Supplies will vary by student, depending on age and what enrichment activities they participate in.

*Optional SHOWCASE held at the end of each session (fall, winter, spring) for students to share their creations.  Showcases for fall and winter will likely occur on zoom and include an art show and recorded performances by our students.


We will do our best to get OUTSIDE each day for a period of time to allow for mask breaks and exercise.  We will have a large designated playspace in our parking lot that is away from all traffic, so students can safely play, dance, and move their bodies throughout the day. 

Students will need to provide their own peanut-free snack and/or lunch.  Students in half day programs should bring 1 snack, while students in the full day program should bring 2 snacks and a lunch.



Health and Safety

The physical health and safety is just as important to us as the social/emotional wellness of our students.  Groups are kept small (12 students max, split into multiple groups) and utilize multiple large group and classroom space throughout our center.  Groups will be split up by age for most enrichment activities to allow for appropriate spacing and engaging/age-appropriate content for students.  In accordance with state/CDC guidelines, teachers and students should wear masks at all times (except while eating and during "mask breaks" built into the schedule).  All students will be given their own creativity kits that include instruments, art materials, movement props and more to avoid sharing of materials.  Bathrooms and all group spaces are disinfected before, between, and after all groups.  All surface areas are cleaned throughout the day as used.  HVAC system has been updated and HEPA air purifiers are in all rooms.  All registered families will be given updated health and safety policies at the beginning of September (creative learning cohorts start the week of September 14, 2020), including detailed information on health checks during drop-off.  Policies will continuously be updated according to state/CDC guidelines.  Contact our Director, Nicole Craven, with any questions.

summer camp 3

Rates and Registration

Students can enroll in 1 or more days per session, full or half days.

Creative Learning Cohorts registration fees:

$25 registration fee due due at time of registration (waived for siblings).

$40 per half day/$70 per full day

*Students may enroll in 1, 2, or 3 days per week.  Each session is 10-12 weeks long and tuition payments are split up into 3 monthly payments per session.  Payments will be prorated depending on your child's start date (enrollment remains open until all slots are filled).

Create a schedule that works for you! Register for as many full or half days (or combination of the two) as you would like.  Add up the cost of the number of half or full days per week for your tuition total.

First monthly payment due upon registration (late payments may result in your child's spot being opened up to the waitlist).



Choose from 1 or more of the following days/times or contact us directly if you would like to set up a private group for your homeschool/remote learning cohort:

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays (enroll in 1, 2, or 3 days)

(Full Day): 8:30am-3:00pm

(A.M half day): 9:00am-12:00pm

(P.M. half day): 12:30-3:30pm

Full Day Early Drop-Off: 8am-8:30am (additional $5 fee)

Full Day Late Pick Up: 3:00-3:30pm ($5)

AM Half Day Early Drop-Off: 8am-9am ($10)

Session Dates (Enrollment remains open until all spots are filled.  Tuition is prorated for your start date) 

***As of our winter session, families are only asked to commit to 1 month at a time.

Fall Schedule: 

  • Week of Sept. 21 to Week of Nov. 30 
    • no cohorts 10/12, 11/11, 11/27 
  • Optional Fall Arts Enrichment Fun Days: Oct. 12 (Columbus Day)/Nov. 11 (Veteran’s Day)

Winter Schedule: 

  • Week of Dec. 7 to Week of March 8 
    • no cohorts 12/25-1/1, 1/18, 2/15-2/19
  • Optional Winter Arts Enrichment Fun Days: Dec. 28, 30/Jan. 18 (MLK Day)/Feb. 15, 17, 19 (Feb. Vacation)

Spring Schedule: 

  • Week of March 15 to Week of June 7
    • no cohorts 4/2, 4/19-4/23, 5/31
  • Optional Spring Arts Enrichment Fun Days: April 2 (Good Friday)/April 19, 21, 23 (April Vacation)

**Arts Enrichment Fun Days are an additional fee and need a minimum of 6 students to run.  Sign up will be available 2 weeks in advance.

Create your own Private Learning Cohort

(perfect for your homeschool group or remote learning pod)

teen creative

We provide many flexible options for engaging in-person and virtual classes, including extended drop-off programs (separate from those listed above).  If you or your cohort would like to include socio-emotional learning and arts programming into your personalized education plan contact us to discuss the most appropriate curriculum, schedule, and structure for your group.

In-Person or Virtual Options:  In-person drop-off groups can be run for 60 minutes to 3 hours (meeting once per week), while virtual groups are anywhere from 30-60 minutes (meeting once or more per week).

Tutoring: Provided for cohorts meeting for 3 hours.

Ages: Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School Cohorts welcome!  Curriculum and activities will be age appropriate and based on interests of the group.

No previous experience needed for any of our enrichment programs.  

Example Programming Includes:

A.B.C. Play!: Arts-based children's playgroup

Storytelling Through the Arts: Kids will make story books come alive through art, music, and movement, along with chances to create their own unique stories.

Guitar/Uke Class: A great way for kids to learn an instrument that they can continue to play at home and together in the group. 

Songwriting Skills: Your cohort can learn beginner-intermediate songwriting that helps kids increase their expression and communication skills

Movement and Wellness: We can move and engage our bodies as well as increase important regulatory skills that kids need to help them feel grounded and centered throughout their day. 

Music Exploration: Your Cohort can explore areas of interest specific to age and ability of participants. World instruments and world music, classical music, Broadway, ect. 

Music and Art Making: Your cohort can explore music-inspired creations interweaving what we hear into masterpieces we can see.