Updated January 3, 2022

Given the latest surge in cases, we have updated our facemask policy, requiring all visitors to wear a mask while at the center (see details regarding exemptions below).  We will revisit this policy again on 1/23/22 and post any updates here.  

We appreciate your understanding that our services fall under many categories, given that we provide both recreational and therapy services for all ages.  The policies below were created after thoroughly reviewing guidelines from the CDC, Governor Baker's office, Department of Ed., Department of Early Education and Care, and Department of Developmental Services.  We will continue to review and update our policies as necessary.


  • Facemasks are REQUIRED (regardless of vaccination status) for anyone entering our center over the age of 2, unless exempt according to the criteria listed below.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and will reevaluate our facemask policy after 1/21/22.
  • Exemptions for Facemask Requirement:  Facemasks will not be required for anyone for whom a face mask or covering creates a health risk or is not safe because of any of the following conditions or circumstances:
    • the face mask or covering affects the person’s ability to breathe safely
    • the person has a mental health or other medical diagnosis that advises against wearing a face mask or covering
    • the person has a disability that prevents them from wearing a face mask or covering
    • the person depends on supplemental oxygen to breathe.

For off-site services, all SEC Staff will wear a  mask and adhere to the health and safety requirements of the facilities we are visiting.  

Hand Hygiene

  • All visitors (including staff) are asked to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.
  • SEC Staff are required to wash/sanitize their hands between each group or individual session.

Screening for illness/Quarantine Requirements

  • Please do not enter the center if you are sick.  If you are sick or required to quarantine for any reason, please contact us to postpone your services or arrange for virtual services until it is safe for you to return to the center.
  • We have adopted the CDC's new guidance around testing positive and being close contacts:
    • Students/staff will be allowed to return to in-person services if asymptomatic after 5-days of being a close contact.  Fully- vaccinated individuals who remain asymptomatic are exempt from quarantine protocols for close contacts and may continue to attend the center in-person.
    • Students/Staff who test positive, will be allowed to return to in-person services after 5-days from the onset of symptoms or a positive test, so long as symptoms have subsided.
    • Individuals should remain masked at all times while in the center for the 5-days following their 5-day isolation/quarantine period.
    • No one should enter the center if continuing to experience symptoms.
  • If any visitor gets sick while at the center, SEC staff will guide them to a separate area away from others until they are picked up or able to safely leave on their own.  Caregivers will be contacted immediately if an individual becomes sick in our center and needs to be picked up.


  • All surfaces, instruments, and other materials are cleaned between every session.
  • Bathrooms and common areas are regularly cleaned throughout the week by staff, as well as once per week by a cleaning company.

Air Quality

  • HEPA air filters are operating in every room and our HVAC system is updated and operating with maximum outdoor air exchange. 

Use of Instruments/Materials

  • Students and therapy clients will be allowed to use and share instruments and materials.  Any item that is “mouthed” or otherwise contaminated will immediately be removed from use and fully disinfected or disposed of appropriately after the session.

Pick Up/Drop Off

  • Please make every effort to pick up/drop off in a timely manner.  Staff need the scheduled time in between sessions to properly clean for the next student’s arrival.  Please do not enter the center before your scheduled time.  Frequent late pick ups may result in losing your scheduled timeslot or additional fees.


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