We are committed to BOTH the PHYSICAL and MENTAL health and safety of all our clients as we navigate the challenges brought on by COVID-19.



  • We welcome you to join us in our outdoor tented studio (plenty of shade and cool breezes!) for in-person music therapy services, guitar/ukulele lessons, and enrichment programs.
  • We have limited spots for outdoor home visits or in-person sessions for schools, ABA centers, day habs, and nursing facilities.
  • We are currently making physical updates to our center and look forward to welcoming families back inside this September!

Review our most up to date Health and Safety Guidelines HERE


The pandemic has brought many challenges and great disruptions to our routines, jobs, and ways of life.  The toll that it has taken on the mental health of all in the community is undeniable (from children to adults).  We have always been committed to the social/emotional health of all those we serve (whether in a music lesson, music therapy services, or any enrichment program).  We are here for you and will continue to adapt in any way needed to make sure you do not experience prolonged disruptions to services and receive the help/support you need during this time.

How We Are Helping:

  • Virtual Services are available for ALL our therapy and enrichment programs to insure that they remain accessible to all regardless of one's ability to be with us in-person.
  • FREE Monthly Parent Support group for anyone enrolled in any of our services (lessons, therapy, enrichment, ABC Play, etc.)
  • Teen Music and Wellness Groups for middle and high school students feeling isolated or in need of a place to process the disruptions/challenges that the pandemic has brought to their lives
  • Music Therapy social groups for children, teens, young adults with special needs
  • A.B.C. Play! and Homelearning Creative Cohorts provide extended drop-off opportunities for families who want an enaging, arts-based program with a focus on social/emotional learning that includes remote learning support and music/arts instruction
  • In-Person music therapy services to support students on IEPs, in early intervention, and in adult agency with choice or day programs who are missing so many in-person therapies and routine/structure that they rely on
  • STAFF support groups and programs for employers looking to support their employees during this time