Presentations for Community Organizations 

Learn about music and the brain in engaging workshops that teach strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing.  Build community through active music making and arts experiences!

Workshops and Presentations

Music & Wellness Classes for All Ages

Bring our music and wellness programs to your community!

Participants will find new ways to express themselves, connect with peers, and take a break from their busy lives to get creative.  Information regarding music's effect on the mind and body is integrated into all
programs in a developmentally appropriate and engaging way.

Workshops may include any or all of the following:

  • singing
  • drumming and instrument play
  • movement
  • music & relaxation
  • music listening
  • building playlists
  • improvisation
  • painting, drawing, and other visual arts activities
  • active discussions

Sample Community Music and Wellness Programs include:

  • Infant Parent/Child Music Class Series
  • Toddler Parent/Child Music Class Series
  • Grades K-2 Creative Arts Wellness Workshop
  • Grades 3-5 Stress Less Creativity Workshop
  • Teen Music and Wellness Workshop
  • Adult Music and Wellness Workshop
Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Our unique speaking engagements and presentations share information on music and the brain alongside audience participation in active music making and arts experiences.

Research has shown the profound effect that music and engaging in the creative arts has on the brain.  During our presentations on music and the brain, audience members will learn how singing, playing, and listening to music keeps us healthy and connected to others.

Information and experiences are adapted, depending on the target audience.

Presentation Options Include:

  • Music!  The Key to a Healthy Life!
  • Music, Memory and the Brain

Other speaking engagements may be catered to the needs of your organization.  Reach out to discuss your specific needs.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Music Therapy
  • Music Education
  • Music and Wellness
  • Music and Disabilities
  • Music and Mental Health


Looking for somewhere to hold your event?

While we are always happy to travel to you, we will gladly partner with you to host small events!  Contact us to learn more about bringing your event to our center in Rockland, MA.   We can host small wellness workshops, professional development/trainings, and classes.

No Previous experience or special talent required!

We know that making music and accessing one’s creativity can be intimidating for some.  Luckily, there is no previous experience or special talent needed to participate and benefit from any of our services! All activities and resources shared in these programs are thoughtfully chosen and presented in a way that allows everyone to successfully and comfortably participate (you will NOT be asked to get up and sing in front of the group!).  While we ask you to be open to all the creative arts experiences we present, you will never be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Depending on the group, activities range from active music making to listening, discussing, writing, painting, etc.

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" I wanted to thank you once again for your presentation.  It was informative, enjoyable, and absolutely awe inspiring!  It is so wonderful to know such a service/opportunity such as yours exists."

-Audience Member of Music & Memory Workshop

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