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Winter Classes 2019
Art, Yoga, Music, Music Therapy groups for infants to adults and all abilities!


Drum, Jam, and Sing

Ages: Adults with special needs
Dates: 1/10/19-3/21/19 (no class 2/21/19)
Time: Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Cost: $200 for 10 weeks (payment plans available)


Facilitated by board-certified music therapist. For adults with special needs. Enjoy making music with others, as we sing songs, play percussion instruments, and maybe even do a little dancing! Students will have the opportunity to play many different instruments, such as hand drums, djembes, shakers, bells, guiros, and more! Students’ favorite songs and musicians will be incorporated into the group. A great class to socialize with others, while having fun singing and making music.

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Painting Class Teens/Adults

Ages: Teens/Adults with Special Needs (2 separate classes)
Dates: 1/8/19-3/19/19 (no class 2/19)
Time: Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00pm (teens/young adults), 6:00-7:00pm (adults)
Cost: $200 for 10 weeks (payment plans available)


For teens/adults with special needs. No experience necessary! Students will have the opportunity to learn painting techniques and experience other artistic medium.  Students will have some freedom in choosing the theme/picture they paint.  Approximately 3 canvas paintings will be completed during the 10-week session.   Materials fee included.

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Music Therapy Social Group Teens/Young Adults

Ages: Teens/Young Adults with special needs
Dates: 1/10/19-3/21/19 (no class 2/21/19)
Time: Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm
Cost: $200 for 10 weeks (payment plans available)


Make music and new friends as we help students navigate social interactions in a fun and musical environment! Students will sing songs, share their favorite music, play musical games and instruments (djembes, hand drums, tambourines, guiro, boomwhackers, and more!). Lead by a board-certified music therapist sessions will reinforce student’s awareness of self and others, receptive and expressive communication skills, turn-taking, following directions, and help facilitate socializing and making new friends. Music and activities will focus on the musical preferences of students. Please contact us if you would like your student’s PCA to accompany them in class. Space is limited to 6 students

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Winter 2019 Mini-Session
Classes begin last week in February!


Peaceful Mind Yoga for Kids

Ages: 3rd-5th grade
Dates: 3/1/19-3/29/19
Time: Fridays,4:00-5:00pm
Cost: $100 for 5 weeks (payment plans available)

Lead by a Board Certified Music Therapist, and 200 Hr Registered Yoga Teacher, also certified through Kidding Around Yoga for children.

Yoga classes will be tailored to elementary aged children with higher anxiety and a need for coping tools in stressful situations.

Classes will offer children ways of taking space or time when necessary. With engaging musical support, children will be guided through movements and postures, connecting them along with breath. Utilizing a physical practice will also encourage body positivity.

The goal of the class will be:

  • To provide tools for children to use in times of higher stress and anxiety
  • Encourage movement and body positivity.
  • Encourage positive sense of self and awareness.
  • Provide a safe and supportive space for children to express concerns and stressors.

Children attending this class should be able to follow verbal and visual instructions.

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Make Music with Me!

Ages: 2-3 with parent
Dates: 2/26/19-3/26/19
Time: Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00pm
Cost: $90 for 5 weeks

Lead by a board-certified music therapist, caregivers and their child will have fun making music together in this energetic class filled with singing, moving, and instrument playing!  Learn strategies to use at home and easy ways to integrate music into your child's play and daily schedule that will help with transitions throughout the day and support healthy development.

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Winter 2019
Off-Site Classes

mom and baby

Infant Music and Postpartum Support Class

Ages: Postpartum women with babies 6 months or younger
Dates: Feb 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28
Time: 9:30-10:30am
Cost: $125 for 5 weeks

Group Size: 3-5 women (with child)

Location: South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center (164 Washington St. Norwell)

In this unique group, mothers and infants (6 months and under) will bond through engaging music activities that promote healthy infant development and bonding between mother and child.  Unlike a typical infant music class, time will be naturally woven into the group to focus on mom, allowing mothers to make connections with other moms and discuss the challenges unique to the postpartum period.   Lead by a perinatal music therapist and counselor, the group will aim to...


  • Identify and validate the range of emotions you may be experiencing in relation to your birth and adjusting to life at home with your baby
  • Engage in fun music experiences with your baby that promote healthy infant development, bonding with baby, and can be incorporated into your routines at home
  • Identify resources within your family and community that you may utilize when needing different types of support as you handle the challenges that motherhood can bring
  • Develop practical coping strategies for dealing with stress related to motherhood
  • Learn and practice practical relaxation and self-care techniques
  • Make connections with other mothers in your community that may extend beyond the group meeting times

Questions? [email protected]

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Pregnancy Support Group

Ages: Women in 2nd/3rd Trimester
Dates: March 4, 11, 18, 25
Time: 6-7:30pm
Cost: $150 for 4 weeks

Location: South Shore Perinatal Wellness Center (164 Washington St. Norwell)

Lead by a board-certified music therapist, women in this 4-week group will benefit from discussing shared experiences with others, including the challenges and joys of pregnancy, conflicting feelings that the nerves and excitement of childbirth can produce, and anticipated changes that your newborn will bring to your life and relationships.  In addition to active and supportive discussions, participants will engage in arts and music-based experiences that aim to…

  • Identify and validate the range of emotions each participant may be experiencing in relation to pregnancy, birth, and bringing baby home
  • Identify resources within each participants family and community that they may utilize when needing different types of support throughout the perinatal journey
  • Develop practical coping strategies for dealing with stress related to pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood   
  • Learn and practice relaxation and self-care techniques for pre/postpartum

Although these groups will utilize expressive-arts interventions in addition to verbally discussing shared experiences, no previous experience is necessary.  All arts-based experiences will be presented in a way that all will feel comfortable participating in.  Snacks will be provide each week.

Questions? [email protected]

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South Shore Charter After-School Multimedia Art Class

1st-4th Grade Dates: Tues. 2/26/19-4/9/19 (CLASS FULL!)

Thurs. 2/28/19-4/11/19 (Registration Now Open)

5th-8th Grade Dates: Mon. 2/25/19-4/8/19 (CLOSED)

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Location: South Shore Charter School

Cost: $130 for 7 weeks

Open to South Shore Charter Students ONLY.  Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different mediums.  The teacher will introduce each one and help the students see how each medium can be used and what can be created when putting them together.  Students will then be asked to use their own imagination to form beautiful and creative works of art. Materials included.

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