Adult Dayhabs, CBDS, and Disability Service Organizations

Everyone deserves to live a life they find fulfilling and have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with others. We help adults with disabilities express themselves, connect with peers, learn new skills and improve their social emotional health.

Music Therapy and Wellness Programs that are:


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We value ALL forms of communication and provide opportunities for everyone to express themselves.  All activities are adapted, so everyone can successfully participate.  Best of all, there is no special talent or previous experience needed to benefit from our programs!


Early Childhood

We are not here to perform.  We are here to engage participants in the creative process, so everyone can improve their own wellbeing. Participating in active music making, listening, and other creative endeavors has numerous therapeutic and health benefits.



Our programs are not only fun and engaging, they are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs and identified goals of the participants in front of us.  We help clients improve communication, motor, social, and emotional regulation skills through varied music & arts experiences.

Service Options Include:

Ongoing Services

For groups or individuals. Our most effective option for working on targeted goals.

Short-Term Series

Offered in 6-8 week packages. Address global skill development by focusing on a specific project or skill.


One-time events that offer opportunities for community-building and stimulating your creativity.  Have an outing at our center or we will come to you!

Professional Development & Staff Wellness

Equip your staff with tools to navigate burn out/stress and gain strategies to help improve the social emotional health of the adults they support.


"staffed by incredible, dedicated people that truly enjoy what they do.  I can’t say enough about this organization – they love our loved ones.  Please check it out! You won’t be disappointed."

-Parent of an Adult with Disabilities

A Collaborative Approach

Although we are not at your program every day, we consider ourselves a part of your team of support staff and providers. We value communication between participants, staff, caregivers, and other stakeholders to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all those who participate in our programs. We document all sessions, so progress can be tracked and any necessary adjustments to the service delivery plan can be made.

You may only work with one of our music therapists, but you can be assured you have an entire team of music therapists behind the services provided. Our team meets regularly to share research, resources, songs, and activities to make sure we are all providing the most engaging, accessible, and effective music therapy and creative arts wellness programs.

Become a Community Partner

1. Contact Us

We'll get to know your program's needs through a quick email or phone call.

2. Choose a Plan

We'll provide you with service options that will best support your program and its participants.

3. Enhance Your Program

We'll implement a music therapy and creative arts wellness program that builds community among your staff and participants, while helping the adults you serve gain confidence and strengthen many life skills.