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We've moved! Our new center is open at 33 Rockland St. Hanover, MA!

Therapy, Wellness, and Educational Programs that...

Build Community

Providing opportunities to connect with others through creative shared experiences is the cornerstone of our diverse service offerings.

Strengthen Skills

Using what we know about music’s profound effect on the brain, we engage people of all ages in a variety of music and arts experiences that strengthen several non-musical skills. 

Improve Overall Wellbeing

We equip people with the knowledge and tools to regularly use music and the arts to effectively navigate big feelings and daily stress.

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Why Music Therapy?

Music and arts are an essential part of the human experience, but not everyone has the knowledge or resources to leverage the many benefits they provide.  We believe everyone can benefit from and should have access to music therapy and creative arts wellness programs throughout their lifetime.   

When we listen to, play, move, and create music or otherwise engage in the arts, our brains light up and respond in ways that allow us to better express ourselves, regulate our bodies, and strengthen many important non-musical skills. 

Our team of board-certified music therapists provide unique therapy, wellness, and educational services that improve the lives of those who participate.  All of our programs (from individual to group services) focus on the interests, unique needs, and personal goals of everyone we work with. Absolutely no experience is necessary. We provide spaces where everyone can feel comfortable participating, connecting, and growing.

Services for All Phases of Life

We provide music therapy and create arts wellness programs for all ages and abilities, birth to end of life. We help identify your personal goals, incorporate your preferred music into sessions, adapt any experiences as needed, and create spaces where everyone can feel comfortable participating.

Learn more about our specialized programs for:

Flexible Service Locations

Everyone should have access to effective music therapy and creative arts wellness services.  Group and individual programs are provided at our center in Rockland and in the community through partnerships with education, healthcare, and community organizations throughout Southeastern, MA. 

At Sing Explore Create

Join us at our center in Rockland, MA

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In the Community

Bring music therapy & creative arts wellness programs directly to you.

We want to get to know you and your organization. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Cardinal Cushing

A Collaborative Approach

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Everyone benefits when we collaborate and work together!   We value communication between participants, caregivers, staff and community members.  Together, we make sure that we are setting everyone up to successfully participate and meeting the needs of each individual we work with.  Our Community Partner Liaisons and Service Coordinators make it quick and easy for you to share any feedback or needed changes to the service plan.

Additionally, you can be assured you have an entire team of music therapists behind each service provided.  Our team meets regularly to share resources, research, songs, and activities to make sure we are all providing the most engaging, accessible, and effective music therapy and creative arts wellness programs.

Knowledgeable and Innovative Team

FOR OVER A DECADE, our team of board-certified music therapists and music educators has offered programs that fit the unique and ever-changing needs of people in our community. 

Although it often looks like we are just playing, being creative, and having fun, there is A LOT of research, knowledge, and experience that goes into the services we provide. 

Each music selection, activity and creative arts experience we bring into sessions is thoughtfully chosen to meet the presenting needs and goals of the individuals or groups we are working with.


As Board-Certified Music Therapists we have:

  • Extensive music training (voice, guitar, and various other instruments)
  • Training in development, counseling techniques, psychology, disabilities, medical diagnoses, and wellness techniques
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Music Therapy (including a 1200 hour clinical internship)
  • Ongoing continuing education throughout our career to maintain our MT-BC status with the Certification Board for Music Therapists 

Many  of our team members have additional training in various specialty areas, such as:

  • Mental Health Counseling
  • NICU Music Therapy
  • Perinatal Music Therapy
  • Neurologic Music Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Music Education

Let's Get Started


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Create, Connect, and Grow

We will create a supportive environment where you can achieve your goals.

What the community is saying...

This is a center staffed by incredible, dedicated people that truly enjoy what they do... I can't say enough about this organization - they love our loved ones. Please check it out! You won't be disappointed. 

My son truly enjoys his time at SEC. It doesn't seem to matter if there is only one person in his class or five for six. He looks forward to his weekly sessions. Thank you for putting together a program for adults geared towards adults with disabilities!

The children and the staff all look forward to music with Rowan! They (Rowan) adapts easily to each group at HNS and recognizes children that have challenges or may require additional support. Rowan teaches a variety of fun songs to the children, works with percussion instruments (bells, shaky eggs, drums, sticks) utilizes props (parachute, stretch band, scarves) and rhythmic movement. Each child is actively involved during music with Rowan.

We absolutely love all of the activities Melanie does with our students. She instills confidence in them and increases their understanding & enjoyment of music. We are always thrilled with our sessions with Melanie!

So happy to know your wonderful team and so grateful for how much you have helped my son blossom!!! He sings so much now, we all can’t stop crying. We’re so happy.

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