Music Therapy, Arts-Based Therapeutic Recreation, & Arts Education

for people across the lifespan throughout
the South Shore and Beyond


VIRTUAL MUSIC THERAPY and MUSIC LESSONS NOW AVAILABLE!  Register HERE or contact [email protected] with questions.

All summer camp and workshops are now open for registration!  Please join us in our center for a summer of creativity, music, and fun!  Check it all out HERE!


Music Therapy

Through the evidence-based practice of music therapy, our board-certified music therapists use music to address the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and/or academic goals of our clients of all ages:

  • With developmental, cognitive, & learning delays
  • With memory loss
  • With anxiety/ depression
  • In hospice/end of life care
  • Coping with a medical diagnosis (such as cancer)
  • In need of perinatal support (pre/post natal, and labor support)
  • In the NICU

Services provided in individual and group settings.


Arts-Based Therapeutic Recreation

Our Therapeutic Recreation Specialists use the arts to enhance the quality of life for our participants.  We use the arts to improve the communication, social, cognitive, and motor skills of our clients of all ages with:

  • Developmental, cognitive, & learning delays
  • Memory loss
  • Motor issues
  • Anxiety

Services provided in individual and group settings.

Arts Education

Our lessons, classes, and workshops are loads of fun and allow to students to get creative and improve their skills!

  • Music Lessons
  • Art Lessons
  • Adapted Music/Art Lessons
  • Group Art Classes
  • Group Music Classes
  • Paint Nights
  • Music/Art Birthday Parties
  • Early Childhood Music Classes

Check out our popular series of classes for children and adults with special needs!

Organizations / Facilities

We team up with many organizations to provide their clients, students, and patients music therapy, arts-based therapeutic recreation, and arts education at either our studios or their sites (yes, we travel all over the South Shore and beyond!).  All programs are tailored to the unique needs/interests of the organization.  Types of organizations/groups include…

  • Early Intervention
  • Adult Day Habilitation and Day Care
  • Nursing/Rehab. Facilities
  • Schools (Public and Private)
  • Preschools and Childcare Facilities
  • Hospitals/Medical Practices
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Centers
  • Human Services Organizations
  • Town Recreation Departments
  • Town Council on Aging
  • Community Groups (Girl/Boy Scouts, home-school co-ops, libraries, etc.)
  • Mental Health Agencies

Contact [email protected] to discuss your organization’s needs!


We are the Sing Explore Create, LLC team!

We are a team of music therapists, musicians, artists, teachers, and recreation therapists dedicated to using the arts to help improve the lives of those in our community across all stages of life and areas of development.

We give our students/clients the tools to use music and the arts to improve their social, emotional, and physical development and to use the arts as a means of self-expression,

In addition to the services offered in our studio, we work with schools, agencies, healthcare facilities, and other organizations to provide unique arts programming and music therapy services that meet the needs of their students/clients/patients and make these services more accessible to all.