Music Therapy and Creative Arts Wellness for all phases of life

•  Build Community  •  Strengthen Skills  •  Improve Wellbeing  •

Classes at our Center

The Spring 2023 session of classes is in session! Tuition will be prorated for students joining mid-session. Contact us for details.

Summer registration is officially OPEN! We have programs available for children, teens, and adults. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot!

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that utilizes music and its effect on the mind and body to promote growth and positive change. Our board-certified music therapists use music to address the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and/or academic goals of our clients of all ages:

  • With developmental, cognitive, & learning delays (including those with IFSP, IEP, or ISP goals)
  • With anxiety/depression
  • With mental health decline due to lasting impacts of COVID-19
  • With memory loss
  • In hospice/end of life care
  • Coping with a medical diagnosis (such as cancer)
  • In need of pregnancy/postpartum mental health support
  • In the NICU

Services provided at our center in Rockland or at your location (individual and group settings available).

Creative Arts Wellness

Join us in our center for unique and enriching classes for early childhood-adults.  Our music and creative arts wellness programs provide a space to connect with peers, meet other families, and focus on your overall wellness through fun, creative, and engaging classes each week!

Making and listening to music can help relieve stress, symptoms of anxiety, help us to self-regulate and feel more connected to others during times of isolation.

Community Partnerships

Partner Organizations / Facilities

We team up with many organizations to provide their clients, students, and patients music therapy, music education, and wellness programs at either our center or their sites (yes, we travel all over the South Shore and beyond!).  All programs are tailored to the unique needs/interests of the organization.  Types of organizations/groups include…

  • Mental Health Agencies
  • Early Intervention
  • Adult Day Habilitation and Day Care
  • Nursing/Rehab. Facilities
  • Schools (Public and Private)
  • Preschools and Childcare Facilities
  • Hospitals/Medical Practices
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Centers
  • Human Services Organizations
  • Town Recreation Departments
  • Town Council on Aging
  • Community Groups (Girl/Boy Scouts, home-school co-ops, libraries, etc.)

Contact [email protected] to discuss your organization’s needs!

Meet the Team


We are the Sing Explore Create, LLC team!

For over a decade, our team of board-certified music therapists and music educators has offered programs that fit the unique and ever-changing needs of people in our community.

When you work with us, you are not just working with one person; You are benefitting from the knowledge and experience of our whole team. Weekly meetings allow our team to collaborate with each other and continually develop as professionals.

Everyone on our team has a deep understanding of development, counseling techniques, psychology, disabilities, and medical diagnoses. We use this knowledge to develop custom services to people during all phases of life.

You can feel confident that you are in good hands, whether you are one of our community partners, receiving private services, or participating in a program at our center!


Get Started Now!

  1. Schedule a consultation - Let's talk! We want to learn more about you.
  2. Review the plan - We will create a custom plan and send you a proposal.
  3. Grow with us! - A member of our team will implement the plan we have customized for you. We'll help you build community, strengthen skills, and improve wellbeing.


This is a center staffed by incredible, dedicated people that truly enjoy what they do... I can't say enough about this organization - they love our loved ones. Please check it out! You won't be disappointed. 

My son truly enjoys his time at SEC. It doesn't seem to matter if there is only one person in his class or five for six. He looks forward to his weekly sessions. Thank you for putting together a program for adults geared towards adults with disabilities!

The children and the staff all look forward to music with Rowan! They (Rowan) adapts easily to each group at HNS and recognizes children that have challenges or may require additional support. Rowan teaches a variety of fun songs to the children, works with percussion instruments (bells, shaky eggs, drums, sticks) utilizes props (parachute, stretch band, scarves) and rhythmic movement. Each child is actively involved during music with Rowan.

We absolutely love all of the activities Melanie does with our students. She instills confidence in them and increases their understanding & enjoyment of music. We are always thrilled with our sessions with Melanie!

So happy to know your wonderful team and so grateful for how much you have helped my son blossom!!! He sings so much now, we all can’t stop crying. We’re so happy.

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